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She can do...Whatever she wants!

The girls minus little Miss Ahna!

I began this empowerment project last spring with the concept of "She can do it all". Since then this project evolved to my realizing that she can but really she doesn't have to. I am happy to live in a time when girls do not have to conform to society's expectations or break them. Girls can play sports, be girly, be academic, be outgoing, be pageant queens all at the same time or they could just be whoever they want to be. There of course are barriers we still have to get through but now girls and women can be celebrated as the individuals they are regardless of the number of trophies on the shelf or organizations they are apart of. They can be a softball princess, a tough tomboy or a princess but if they want to change and evolve to a different persona tomorrow. They have all the freedom in the world to do so. The basis of the project portrays the girls in all their princess glory but also highlights how in every single girl, every single child there is superhuman strength. We fight battles big and small everyday and its up to us to band together and support each other.

As a photographer, I have faced two types of women togs (togs = photographers). There are those who pretend to be supportive but are truly faking it/have no issue hurting others, and then there are fellow togs who truly are about community and helping each other. When faced in shock with the first type of woman, I encountered many of the second type. For these ladies I am beyond thankful. They are the kind of women who truly define the word tribe. This epiphany made me realize that this project was about so much more than just one girl or a handful of girls. Not only did i want to celebrate the girls and their individuality but I also wanted to celebrate how they come together and support each other.

I hope to set on path that inspires others to come together and support each other in all facets of life even when in direct "competition" with each other. We all have battles to face. I hope that we learn to battle alongside each other as women. Tearing down and creating wars between each other is detrimental. In the spirit of this, I would like to recommend an artist and her blog that inspired this project Her work continues to awe and inspire me!

Without further Ado, I would like introduce you to Stevi Bean Photography's Empowerment Project Tribe. Each of these girls will be celebrated in there own individual post to be posted each Friday until all have been celebrated! If you would love to find out more about each of these wonderful girls and see their full sessions please check back on Fridays for their blog post!



Gabby (opted out of superhero shoot)




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