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“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”

”He sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe Believe in him and believe in me Together we will fly away in a cloud of green To our beautiful destiny ”

Our Neverland inspired shoot was inspired by the movie Peter Pan (2003) and Walt Disney's Peter Pan (1953).

As a child photographer, It is my mission to bring a little bit of magic to the children around me. What better way than hosting mermaids, pirates, lost boys, fairies and never land sessions! We will be hosting Midsummer Micro Mini Sessions that can be these themes and more at sunset available for a discounted rate/shorter session time last week of June and first two weeks of July! Message us on our Facebook page to set up your session! ( *princess, circus, unicorn and other styled themes also available!

While there are many interpretations of the timeless tale, we based our series off of the light hearted whimsical version. Even so, I feel Peter Pan will always have a resonating sadness to it. It's the story of loving childhood but knowing that eventually all things must change. It's full of magic and fantasy but at the core learning how to face the sad reality of goodbyes and growing pains while maintaining a child like innocence and optimism. What Peter Pan theory is your favorite or do you most believe?

The concept of our shoot is as follows: Braedyn discovers the book "Peter Pan". Upon reading the book, the magical world of neverland unfolds in his minds eye and his imagination takes him on a journey.

Peter Pan- Braedyn John


Wendy's Brothers- Kolton,

Lost Boys - Liam Mathew, Kellen *also Wendy's Brother, and Jameson "Jax" Alexander

Fairies- Aubrey Elise, Madison

Young Mermaids- Marisa Jolen, Sophie, Mya, Aubrey

Pirates: Kellen, Jameson "Jax" Alexander,

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