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Kynlie is 8 years old and enjoys competitive cheer, tumbling, and drawing. When she is not flipping all over the house, she is drawing or coloring pictures for her friends.

Kynlie recently started modeling for Stevi Bean photography and playing cosplay roles, and she absolutely loves it! I believe this has given her a huge boost in confidence and has helped shape her into a wonderful young lady.

Kynlie has two younger brothers that she enjoys playing with and caring for. She is like a little momma to them when they are not fighting 🤣

Kynlie session was inspired by Marie Antoinnette which inspired our next empowerment project "Powerful woman in history". For this project we are looking for girls of diverse cultural backgrounds (hispanic, african american, native american, asian etc) to represent several special woman in history! This shoot will be held Saturday January 4th.

We are also announcing our Spring projects at this time! We are doing a softball themed project and a little classic princess project.

All projects do have model fees!

To submit for our projects, send a message with your daughters image (s), short bio, willingness to sign contract/pay modeling fee, and your availability.

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