Each mom wrote an excerpt for their daughters feature!

The following is written by Stacey Beck, Aubrey's Mom.

Aubrey Elise is from Shreveport, La; current resident of Lafayette, La. She will be turning 10, November 17th. She was born to a family of blondes; her beautiful red hair was a surprise. Aubrey Elise’s sweet nature, but fiery temper soon became apparent. Almost 10 years later, that fiery sass has only gotten stronger. She is homeschooled due to a bullying incident at her previous school, which resulted in Aubrey Elise having her wrist broken, by the bullies. Since I withdrew Aubrey Elise, from public school, she has really flourished. She was so insecure about herself, of her red hair, fair skin, and freckles, because of the bullies. But has since began to realize, that those features are what make her different, special.

Aubrey Elise enjoys competitive cheerleading, modeling, acting, singing, drawing, painting, dancing, anything artistic really. She also loves science. Aubrey Elise has always enjoyed watching medical shows: realistic, realism, or medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy. She decided in kindergarten, she wanted to become a doctor, then at the age of seven, decided she wanted to become a Neurosurgeon. She is fascinated by the brain and the human body, as a whole. She draws the human body and has really gained a real talent for art.

As Aubrey Elise’s mother, I am beyond proud of the young lady, she is becoming. I am baffled at how intelligent and beautiful she is, as well as how talented she is and continues to become.

----Stevi Bean---- As Aubrey's photographer, I have loved watching her flourish from shy and insecure to sassy and confident. There's a light in her eyes where there once was sadness. I hope all of her dreams come true and that whatever path she chooses in life, it feeds that light.

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