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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Lucy Johnson is 7 years old and lives in Lafayette, LA, with her mom, dad, and little brother, Sam. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

She enjoys baking/cooking, reading, biking, rock-wall climbing, catching frogs, and travelling by roller skate or hover board. She is an absolute fish; swimming every chance she gets, including on summer swim team.

Lucy’s super power is her stellar personality. She is outgoing, helpful, and cracks jokes on a regular basis. She rolls with the punches, stands up for others, includes others who may get left out, and she speaks up when she thinks she can calm a situation or help make it fair. She is a true leader in her young age; very mature and independent. She has a great heart and volunteers to read to nursing home residents. She’s just a gem to us. Love, Mom & Da

One of my favorite parts of being a child/family photographer is watching my clients grow. When I first met Lucy she was a tiny little thing full of personality, sweet dimples and bright happy eyes. Those things haven't changed but as she grows, so does her strength and sass (the good kind). You see a little glimpse of the strong, powerful woman she will one day become.

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